Fjoertoer Egmond 2024

eventsLaatste zaterdag van november

The Fjoertoer is a magical evening journey, where you'll be surprised along the way by unique light and sound effects and special performances. Executed and produced by artists and creative individuals from North Holland, this night-time walk is an experience full of sensation, emotion, and enchantment amidst beacons of light.

Route & Historical Highlights

Starting and ending in the charming seaside town of Egmond aan Zee, the route winds its way through De Egmonden. Along the way, the beautifully lit Benedictine Abbey in Egmond-Binnen and the illuminated Chapel and Castle Ruins in Egmond aan den Hoef are true highlights, complemented by medieval costume performances.

Beach & Finish

From Egmond aan Zee, the return journey leads along the beach, culminating in a breathtaking finale at the Pompplein, just beyond the iconic Van Speijk Lighthouse. Depending on your fitness and sense of adventure, there are several distances to choose from.

Come and experience a night full of wonders at the Fjoertoer Egmond!