A responsible handling with details of users is for Meijers Interactive very important. In this declaration Meijers Interactive is exposing how we are taking care of the personnal details we obtain via of through our websites.


The website EgmondAanZee.org (https://egmondaanzee.org) is an initiative of Meijers Interactive. The website, technics and all copyrights belong to Meijers Interactive, established at Maastricht (NL), Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 22061004 (here after: Meijers Interactive).

Privacy Policy

At the website www.egmondaanzee.org you find all information about Egmond, accommodation and other services or products Egmond is offering you.

Meijers Interactive respects the privacy of all users of our site and is taking care of a confidential treatment of all personnal information provided by you. Meijers Interactive is using your details for a quick and smooth progress of your booking and/or orders.

Collected information

When you are asking information via our website or when you are participating at a competition or survey, you are being asked to provide your name and address. These details and your emailaddress are used by us for following purposes:

Finally we capture information (among others through the used IP-address) in order to composing users statistics, and also for the safety of our website.

We shall not sell your personnal details to third parties and will dispose it exclusively to thirds who are involved at the execution of your booking or order. Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the intimacy of your details.


We use at our website cookies which are stored by your browser at your computer. Cookies are little pieces of information (as the setup of your pc and the specified preferences) which are stored through your browser at your computer. Through these cookies you are recognized by a next visit, and we could possibly collect information about using our website, in order to improve our services. A cookie contains no name- or address details or other personnal information, as possibly granted creditcarddetails. You could install your browser and/or computer so that you don’t receive cookies while your visit at our website. In that case it is possible that you can’t use all possibilities of our website or that you haven’t any access to some parts of our website.

Modification of this privacy policy

Meijers Interactive reserves the right to set limited modifications to this privacy policy. Modifications of enclosures at the privacy policy are published here and are after publication immediately in force. Check therefore regularly the privacy policy.


If you have questions about the terms of use, you could send an email to info@meijersinteractive.nl.

The privacy policy was last changed on 9 March 2011.