Alkmaar is a city which is more than 750 years old, and therefore it has a beautiful center with many historical buildings. If you dare to dive into the network of the historical streets and alleys of the old center you will be amazed. The narrow alleys with secular premises accommodate special, unique and especially nice shops.


Alkmaar is the second biggest city in Noord-Holland. The old city counts 400 monuments. The street pattern has not changed over the last centuries. Along the canals there are merchant houses from the seventeenth century and there are various courtyards. This sociable city is perfect for a nice walk along the many monuments. Along the way you can enjoy nice canals, bridges, joyful terraces, restaurants and a lot of nice shops.


Everyone who wants to go shopping in Alkmaar can find something there. Alkmaar is a shopping city which does not get a lot of publicity, but it is absolutely worth a visit. Did you know that Alkmaar is the second biggest shopping city of the Netherlands? This is because of the huge offer of different kinds of shops in the city. It is a compact center, which makes sure that all the shops are close to each other. The old heart of the city has many historical shopping streets. In the nice streets you will find various famous stores. A few minutes’ walk away from the inner city, you will find a furniture mall and the roofed in shopping mall ‘Noorder Arcade’. You can find many big stores in there with a wide array of toys, electronics, clothing and sportswear. Every Thursday the shops are open until 21.00.

Cheese market Alkmaar

Cheese market AlkmaarCheese market Alkmaar

Alkmaar is mostly famous for its cheese market. From April until September, every Friday morning people trade cheese in a traditional way. During the cheese market the cheese carriers’ guild takes care of the transport and the weighing of the cheese. First the Waagplein will be made ready ...

Waagplein, Alkmaar
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Alkmaar is most famous for its cheese market, but there are more sights which are worth a visit. There is no way you can get bored in Alkmaar. There are churches, mills and various museums:
The Dutch Cheese museum -  on the Waag Square you can find the Dutch Cheese museum, which is established in the monumental Waag Building. The museum shows the preparation of dairy products throughout the centuries, but also the trade and the life in the countryside.
National beermuseum ‘De Boom’ – The museum is established in a seventeenth century building where a big brewery used to be. The beer museum shows the history of brewing and drinking beer. In the tasting area you can purchase tens of different kinds of Dutch beer.
The city museum AlkmaarThe City museum Alkmaar is established at the Canada square. There are different temporary exhibitions to be seen, and also tours for groups are possible.

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