Egmond aan Zee, In the middle of the dunes

Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee is a village that lays in the middle of the dunes and right next to the sea. It is the perfect seaside reosrt for those who love the sun, the tranquility and the nature. Hiking and cycling through the beautiful dunes and strolling along abandoned sand paths is still possible here. Egmond aan Zee offers you beautiful wide beaches, a cosy centre and a breathtakingly dune area. The more than excellent fish restaurants for the real connoisseurs are within walking distance from the beach. Egmond aan Zee is perfectly suitable for family holidays. In this natural environment this bathing place offers you a wide choice of accommodation.

Whenever you feel like you need some rest, you can find the tranquility and silence of the dunes even in the summer season. You are also able to feel the wind in autumn or winter at the beach of Egmond aan Zee. The beach certainly is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Netherlands and forms a cosy whole with the pleasant villages in the surrounding, Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef.

Egmond aan Zee

There are a lot of tourists who come to the coast of North-Holland for a few days or for a longer period to enjoy the dunes and the beach. For the people who do not only want to enjoy the beach there is enough to do in Egmond. Sip of your favourite drink on a terrace, walk along the boulevard with its shops, visit the lighthouse, and watch the sunset.


Egmond aan Zee

At the beautiful wide and long sand beach of Egmond aan Zee you are able to bathe in the sun and swim in the North Sea. The beach is about five kilometres long. It is also possible to be active at the beach and in the sea by doing sports such as wind surfing, kite flying and playing beach volleyball. The wide sand beach offers all the facilities you wish for. It is safe, because of the coastguard and the first aid post.

Furthermore, there are several restaurants which lay at the beach. Beach pavilions for a cup of coffee, a refreshment or an ice-cream but you can also have a lovely meal, a real delight at sunset. During all of the seasons the beach attracts to catch some wind during a beach walk. You can see beautiful sunsets out of the many beach pavilions.


Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee originally was a fishing village, but today it is being visited by many tourists and excursionists. The village therefore offers everything a modern holidaymaker wishes for about accommodations and pleasure. Nice boutiques, good restaurants and cosy terraces alternate with each other. Egmond aan Zee is very suitable for family vacations. Together with Egmond Binnen this seaside resort gives you a full choice of possibilities for accommodation. Wherever you stay, the sea and the beach are always nearby.

Egmond aan Zee

The boulevard is a nice place to relax. Here you can enjoy the view of the sea. The cafés and restaurants with great views will certainly bring you into a romantic mood. The historical fishermen’s houses make the street the image of the centre. Wandering through the alleys you can still taste the atmosphere of the old times. At one of the many terraces you can relax for a while.

Egmond consists of three cores that each have a unique character. Egmond aan Zee with its beautiful wide beach, pavilions, sail- and surf possibilities, the cosy centre with touristic shops, terraces, restaurants and a breathtakingly beautiful dune reserve. Egmond Binnen with its colourful flowers on the tulip fields and a monastery which is still in use, and finally Egmond aan de Hoef which gives you insight in the tumultuous history at the ruins of the castle of Lamoraal van Egmond. Thus, there is enough to see and to do.


Come to Egmond aan Zee and enjoy the lovely tranquillity that surrounds you. Take a long walk through the dunes or enjoy a delightful beauty day in one of the spa- and beauty centers in Egmond. Everything is possible.... When the weather is nice, it is nice to stay at the beach. Walk along the boulevard and enjoy a nice cocktail at the terrace. Whenever you would like to leave the crowd, grab a bike and go into the dunes. You’ll get at places of the beach by following small paths where cars cannot go.

Besides that, Egmond has a strong connection with a lot of monastic orders. In the surroundings of Egmond still 3 monasteries are in use, including the Abbey of Egmond in Egmond Binnen. In Egmond aan de Hoef is the ruin of the castle Egmond. The Count of Egmond, who was married to Jacoba van Beieren, lived here. You might want to take a look there.


Egmond aan Zee

Egmond is not far away of the city Alkmaar with its famous cheese market. Within 15 minutes you will be standing amongst the cheese girls who are wearing the folkloric costumes at the cheese market of Alkmaar. Besides that, you can enjoy a drink at one of the sunny terraces at the Waagplein or the Canadaplein, or even party on in one of the many bars. But also if you are looking for a theatre, sports activity or a fine day of shopping Alkmaar is the right place for you.

Because of its favourable location Egmond is the perfect place for trips to Amsterdam, Haarlem, the Zaanstreek and Volendam. Staying nearby the coast or in a beautiful polder landscape, but close to the city as well? Egmond is the perfect compromise.