Egmond Halve Marathon 2024


The Marathon-race of Egmond started on the 12th of March, 1973 as an achievement-run for joggers alongside the seacoast of Egmond. At first just a limited number of people took part in the race, but after a while the event developed in an achievement-run of 21 kilometres. In 1980 The Half Marathon-race of Egmond became an official contest and the number of participants was rapidly increasing. More and more top-athletes entered the race. Nowadays over 12.500 sportlovers join this topclass sportsevent. In the course of time it became tradition to held this event on the second Sunday of Januari and it has grown into an immensely popular sports-event with thousands of spectators. Why the Marathon grew to be such a succes? Partly because the course runs trhough the wonderful Noordhollandse Dune-area and alongside the North-sea beach and partly because the sportsmen involved are wellknown athletes.


Boulevard van Egmond aan Zee