Fishery Day Egmond 2021

eventsThird Saturday in June

The annually held Fishery Day has been organized in the heart of Egmond aan Zee since 1995. The nautical past of Egmond aan Zee annually attracts thousands of people to the seaside village. In June, they can go all out during the Fishery Day in Egmond. It's the annual highlight for so called 'Derpers': dialect, former residents and all kinds of other interested people.

From ten o'clock in the morning, visitors can feel the ambiance of the beginning of the previous century. The center, the shopping street and surrounding streets are filled with stalls with a nautical market. Costumes are worn and the sounds of shanties are sung by shanty choirs. Those interested can see the daily activities of the fishermen, and the additional businesses of those days. In the Smidstraat and on the Pompplein are fish traders to demonstrate in which delicious ways fish can be prepared.

Location: Town centre, Egmond aan Zee


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