Kunst 10-daagse 2023


The Kunst10daagse (10 days of Art) in Bergen has become an extensive art and craft-manifestation in the grand manner. Lots of artists, sculptors, painters, ceramists, photographers and gold-and silversmiths exhibit their works of art in shopwindows, restaurants, café s, galeries, or open their personal studio s for the public. In a special brochure the visitors will be guided through the beautiful village to see as many works of art as possible. Various routes are traced out, so one can choose, which route to take first. Art, exhibited indoors as well as outside in beautiful gardens, gives Bergen a special aureole during those ten days. The International Holland Music Sessions organizes in that period various concerts in the Ruïnekerk and a big art-auction is held on the last Sunday. So, if you are an art-lover, visit Bergen in autumn and enjoy art and the beautiful scenery... For you, it is a must ....






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