Beach Volleyball Circuit 2018


The beach of Egmond is big, wide and blends seamlessly into the beach of Bergen aan Zee. The beaches are well kept and have a lot to offer.

This is what the Beach Volleyball Circuit Beach Life! stands for. Play along, or enjoy a drink in the sun – everything is possible. Beach Life is for everyone; rookies and experienced players, as well as people who just want to enjoy a day on the beach and watch the games. Beach Life is an event for family and friends, with a lot of fun, health, sun, sea, beach, entertainment and togetherness mixed into a lovely beach cocktail. Beach Life – Our Beach!

The Beach Volleyball Circuit Beach Life is a continuous circuit of beach volleyball tournaments along the coast and in the country, that everyone can take part in.

Location: Boulevard Zuid, Egmond aan Zee

Website: www.beachvolley.nl


marker Boulevard Zuid, Egmond aan Zee

Beach Volleyball Circuit - Boulevard Zuid, Egmond aan Zee

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