Castle Ruin Huys Egmont - Monument

Castle Ruin Huys Egmont - 1

A historical monument that highlights the rich history of this region.

What can you expect at the Castle Ruin in Egmond aan den Hoef?

History and Beauty of the Castle Ruin

Whether you're interested in Dutch history, a lover of old ruins, or simply seeking a unique experience, the Castle Ruin in Egmond aan den Hoef is well worth a visit.

Furthermore Castle Ruin Huys Egmont is near the following sights: Museum Prins Hendrik de Zeevaarder (±1,8 km), Midgetgolf Natuurlijk (±2,0 km), Museum of Egmond (±2,2 km), Lucky Strike Bowling (±2,3 km) & Bunker Museum Jansje Schong (±2,3 km).

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Slotweg 27, Egmond aan den Hoef
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