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Nestled in the beautiful Schoorl Dunes, you'll find the magical play forest Zandspoor. A place for children, where fantasy and nature come together, full of joy and adventure.

What can you expect at play forest Zandspoor?

A Day Full of Nature and Adventure at play forest Zandspoor

Play forest Zandspoor offers an outdoor experience for children to play, explore, and learn in nature. Getting dirty is allowed and even encouraged!

Practical Information

Visit play forest Zandspoor in Schoorl for natural beauty, adventure, and fun. Let your children experience the magic of nature in play forest Zandspoor!

Furthermore Play forest Zandspoor is near the following sights: Schoorl Dunes Visitor Centre (±90 m), Climbing Dune Schoorl (±700 m), Swimming pool De Beeck (±3,8 km) & Lookout Dune De Kerf (±3,9 km).

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Oorsprongweg 1, Schoorl
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